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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Land Rush on New Domain Extensions - 2014

It's a new age for a new land rush, as ICANN has authorized a long list of new global domain name extensions for public consumption.

Most of these have been out for a while, but I have been so busy that I didn't have time to post.

Obviously some great names are gone.  Lots of domainers often automate the task of registering the names they want.  But I did manage to grab a few myself, including,, and of course to strengthen my brand, (where you can start your search for your own great next domain name).

There are some good ones out there, I'm planning on getting more.

The new list of extensions allows everyone a chance of getting a good domain name.  It would be just too hard for all the domainers to snap every good name up, but be sure that most of the generics are gone.  That's just a fact of life in this day and age.

The new list of available extensions is actually quite long and adding them all to the drop down extensions menu would make that search utility less effective.  So the best thing to do is, in the registration search field, enter the domain name, a dot (period) and then extension that you wanted to check.  It is probably a lot easier to do and more self explanatory from the subdomain of Domain Hostmaster, though.

Here is the list of the new extensions ready for registration at Domain Hostmaster

New Extensions List









I'll follow-up later, I am still very busy.

Remember that if you decide to do business with me at Domain Hostmaster, it will be highly appreciated!   ;)   Plus, we quite honestly do offer the best prices around, the best management control panels, the best servers and network operations center available on several continents, and the best support staff in the industry.

Thanks so much.   Have fun domaining!

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