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Friday, September 27, 2013

Introducing the Blog!

Yesterday, very late in My workday, I realised that one of My domain names,, was no longer pointing to its website.  After checking things out, I realised that the free hosting I was using for it at doesn't support subdomains, so only the blog address was good.

Earlier in the week I had noticed that the blog wasn't loading.  So it seems that I ripped it from its usual home page, and the blog has been redirecting to the host.  Wow, is that a no-no in Google, or what?  Through all the confusion of racing around to get the blog back online I had forgotten about the site.

So, number 1, I apologize to Google, I didn't intend to be redirecting my blog traffic to My free hosted domain name.  Geez, no wonder you thought I had violated the terms of your online advertising program and kicked Me out of AdSense.  This would have been much simpler if you had indicated the discrepancy, I am managing over 300 domain names for My self alone.

Number 2, I have now renamed the title for this blog based on a different domain name that I had lying around collecting dust.  The new domain name for the blog is  I am using it with the blog subdomain so that I can keep the www subdomain and naked domain available for another project or two.  Today I created logos for the header and favicons for the domain and blog.  The Trademarks and favicons use My Struckshur freeware font to define the logo, with very tight  letter spacing (each letter touching the next letter).  Struckshur is a Freeware TrueType PC font that can be downloaded from its Struckshur font archive web page at Font-Journal.

Hopefully, everything will get back to normal pretty quick and I'll be in good stead with Google, again.  Wish Me luck!

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