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Monday, February 3, 2014

A Disturbing Trend

It is clear that Google is trying to eliminate any competition that might grow from searchable web directories by punishing them for being known as such, and sending out letters to webmasters listed there which direct them to remove their links from said "competition".

Google should start worrying about its own affairs instead of doing such evil which proves its absolute monopoly over all search engines and its dictatorship attitude over its hold on it.  But the truth is that Google isn't even a credible search engine.  Google is just a marketing company that produces and facilitates spam, while trying to make itself credible by sharing all email and documents (public or private) with tje NSA and other "homeland security" agencies in spite of the US justice decree that we are innocent until proven guilty.

I run Hyperlink Directory and had also run other directories, but Google has now made running such directories impossible.  I only continue running Hyperlink Directoty as a hobby because at one time I enjoyed it.  But with Google beating up us little guys that are trying to offer a high quality, no spam, no advertising service that is helpful,, DirPort, DexDir, and all my other directories remain offline because of Googles' meddling in the directory business, which it just copies and lifts from the DMOZ directory itself in its own directory offering.

Yet, guess what?   Google also penalizes everyone elae if they do the same thing, offer duplicate content of tje DMOZ directory.

Google is hammering the small businessman and entrenepuers with undo rules that it refuses to follow itself while spewing spam and encouraging people to use spam.

I am so sick of Google's two face attitude that is designed to take out any website that offers better services if it sees us in percieved competition with itself.

Everything that Google is so-called protecting you from it is spewing and leveraging against you itself.

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