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Monday, July 15, 2013

Faviconvert: Image to Favicon Conversion Tool -

Faviconvert: Image to Favicon Conversion Tool -

Well, it's finally online.  Faviconvert is a tool that will convert your logos & photos into a favicon to use on your websites and blogs.  It makes 2 PNG images well (16x16 pixels for web pages and a 32x32 pixels version).  The animated GIF is kind of one of those hit or miss things.  There is also an 16x16 pixel .ico file that works, but it is optimized for the web so it doesn't have a 48x48 pixel version included so that it looks good on the desktop.

That's what I am addressing now.  This version uses the GD library and I want to do another using the ImageMagik library, I just have to find a developer that will do it.  Then I can have the multi-resolution icons I want that will work when someone drags an icon to the desktop, or a folder.

For now, that's my new favicon tool.