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Sunday, May 1, 2011 For Sale @ Auction to the Highest Bidder is available for sale to the highest bidder at auction on Sedo. Listing @ Sedo

This domain WILL BE SOLD at auction as the reserve price has been met. 

The auction for will conclude on May/05/11 @ 05:51 AM Eastern Standard Time.

I have been using to review applications on a variety of platforms.   Mobile business applications (often described as "apps") are a big deal right now and the indications are that they will be making a huge impact on the technology sector as smart phones become even more useful.

This is your chance to acquire a trending domain name right now.  Think about it.  ;)

Update: sold for $510.00 at auction, I transferred the domain name and verified the funds hit my account on May 12th, 2011.  Although I find the bid unusually low for such a valuable trending domain name, I am glad to have the sale.  Sedo is a great place for quick domain name sales when both parties are on the ball.

The blogger blog address has been changed to