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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Illogical Web Standards

Why the heck are tables such a taboo if the divs are such a pain in the backside to get working?

Isn't the real problem that the web design standards are truely crap? I think so.

A div is supposed to separate content, but it doesn't. The padding and margins always bleed through every edge. It always f's up our designs, and there is no way that it should.  The very idea that it would is absolutely illogical.

While I agree that an image should bust out of a div (should not be cut-off and a part of it hidden) by default, a padding or margin should never be allowed to extend its reach beyond the defined borders of a div, ever, unless specifically configured to do so.

A div is supposed allow the organizational division of content and padding is not content... it is a bleed that bastardizes designs because divs don't function as we want or expect them to. We should not have to add-up all of our paddings and margins and width in order to arrive at what we want for an actual overall width.  Our margins and paddings should be defined independently, within the confined realm of ultimate width and height measurements.

The logic behind the code we use for the web is a illogical. A text-align centers text horizontally but for vertical alignment we have vertical-align. It should be more like element-align and element-position, as it effects more than text. Or "horizontal-align" and "verticle-align". The names behind the tags are moronic.  If horizontal positioning is alignment, is vertically positioning a text within the middle of a div positioning?  So then "text-align" and "text-position" would make a little bit more sense, even though it affects more than just text.  Why not simplify so that things make sense?  Originally, that was the whole point behind HTML, empowering people (scientists) who shouldn't have to learn a disorganized set of rules to make a web page.  It had to make sense. Once it did, it caught-on quickly.

So why is a creative type, an artist (My God! you say? - Who better, I ask?), so visibly and verbally upset about the logic behind the code of the worldwide web?  Wouldn't a developer make more of a stink, since they are more logical?  I think its simply that as an artist I have a love for beauty and an eye for detail.  And quite honestly, the new web code standards are running right off the tracks because they completely lack any effort of thought in designing how things should behave or the meaning behind a tag name.

I use web standards to craft beautiful sites with the currently supported codes that will stand up to scrutiny by other designers, developers, as well as search engines and so-called "search engine optimization professionals" and the whole way through the coding I am constantly screaming "Bloody Murder!" because someone is crapping on us by writing piss-poor web standards that are illogically oriented and extremely difficult to deal with because they defy reasonable reasoning.

Designers and developers have to know this stuff and have to deal with it.  Yes, I agree.  But maybe the best way to deal with the lack of attention to detail here is to revolt, because quite honestly this stuff has just gotten completely out-of-hand.  We have to learn new code constantly and the code we are getting is pretty useless and makes no sense.

Is someone trying to protect their jobs?  It's impossible for a regular person to put-up a great site that looks professionally coded.  So the whole point is to make companies hire professionals who are on top of the game?  Originally, HTML was intended to be easy to employ by anyone.  I've had to triple my rates because technology is changing so fast while the standardized coding conventions grow even more cryptic, for no real reason (other than complete idiocy). 

There is no reason for this.  Most businesses cannot afford the time to dedicate to making a site.  That's why I get hired, not because I understand the code, but because I can dedicate my time to making it work despite its lack of logic.  The economy is still hurting tremendously, but the price of getting online is skyrocketing. And it shouldn't be if everything just made sense the way it should.  But no......

It should never have come to this, but it's quite honestly time to start a new standard.  One that works, and works the same damn way in every F'n browser that supports the standard. I'm tired of wading through this mess of stupidity.

Or, is it too late?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Playin'

Oh boy, the first post...

The first post of any blog never seems to be too important, does it?  Well, things don't change here.  I setup this blog specifically to play with one of the Blogger templates.  We web designers are always messing around with design tools.

I don't know why, but Google seems to allow users more control in Blogger than in Google Sites.  This is curious to me.  Perhaps they are trying to make Blogger as competitive as possible in the blogosphere as they have real competition with WordPress, Blogster, Tumblr, Thumblogger and other online blogging platforms all offering something with a different advantage.

What I like about Blogger is that its open to allowing you to upload your own design.  And this is my exact criticism of Google Sites, which does not allow a user code level access to setup his/her own designs. 

There does appear to be that option once you are managing a Google Sites site in a group environment, but then it seems that the design is no longer the property of the original designer and Google can then share it with it's Blogger Users.  Something wrong with that, if you ask me.

Which is frustrating for a designer.  Oh, sure, I have places I can host my sites, I run quite a few web hosting solutions such as Site Domains and <S>webhost.  I just like to play with all the different tools that there are available out there.  And there is absolutely no way that I will giveup the complete control I have over one of my own hosted websites on one of my web hosting packages.  But, as a designer, I am curious about the different web design tools.  As blogger has its own little design platform, I want to be in-touch with it should a designer ever request my services to design one of their Blogger websites.

Blogs are actually pretty interesting and unique tools.  I love the fact that other blogging platforms serve a better solution to mobile smartphones and internet connected hand held devices (such as tablets, PDAs & portable video game devices).  For some reason Blogger doesn't do this.  I think its because Google AdSense is so well integrated into the Blogger platform and they don't want to lose that ad platform or jeopardize their ad revenue, which is really extremely silly since that is already a huge part of the smartphone platform.  Developers are always putting out free apps in order to share in the ad revenue from clumsy fingers on tiny touchscreens.

So, as I said, I am just here to play with Blogger's design system.  I specifically wanted to play with this template called "Picture Window".  But I do plan on starting a whole nother blog and designing one of my own interfaces on that one. 

See, I told you the first post is just an attempt to get a blog started.  Nothing new in this one.  But I do hope to keep up the blog and post a bit.  Not a great deal, but I hope that I will be regular and consistent as I blog.

Take Care!  -Doug Peters